Services - Dr. Robert Fleuter

IT law

Project agreements, contract and project management

  • Designing and negotiating of project agreements in German and English
  • Legal project management
  • Ongoing counselling for providers and buyers of IT services (e.g. software licensing, consulting, development, support, hosting, outsourcing, escrow agreements)
  • Contract management, review and implementation of standard agreements (e.g. master agreements, general terms and conditions) and of legal procedures for the current business
  • Negotiating support for closing deals based on many years of negotiating experience in ORACLE and SAP environments
  • Data protection law

Long-term practice as lecturer for Software Contract Law and for Project Management

Lecturer for "Business Information Technology" at the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt/M.



Corporate law

Legal coaching for Managing Directors, executives and members of supervisory boards, conflict resolving between shareholders

  • Councelling for directors and officers of corporations, in particular legal support for members of the executive and supervisory boards of stock corporations
  • Service agreements for Managing Directors and board members
  • Drafting of articles of incorporation, bylaws and resolutions
  • Organizing / preparing shareholder meetings
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Corporate group law
  • Corporate governance, compliance for investor relations

Member of the academic "Association for Corporate Law" ("Wissenschaftliche Vereinigung für Unternehmens- und Gesellschaftsrecht (VGR)")

Lecturer for International Corporate Law at the University of Applied Sciences, Heidelberg



Designing of international agreements

  • Designing and negotiating complex individual project agreements in English
  • Implementation of standard agreements for the daily business (e.g. master agreements, distribution agreements, general terms and conditions)
  • Support for the closing of contracts based on more than 15 years negotiating practice in English speaking countries

Lecturer for "Negotiating and Designing Contracts" at the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt/M.

Lecturer for International Contract Law at the University of Applied Sciences, Heidelberg





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